What Is a Scratch Map and Who Will Like It Most?

Scratch maps are maps with a scratch strip, which must be erased in order to see the information hidden under it. A map with a scratch strip can have a plastic, pseudo plastic or paper base, and it can also be made a liner in the booklet for gift options. Does it seem to be familiar to you? You are right because there are many printing products with the same principle, among which there are such as a discount card, hiding the size of the bonus under the protective layer, the bank products, which hide the passwords, pin codes, digital keys. Now, this smart technology is used in the maps as well.

Click here to get the travel scratch off map and get started using it. On a scratch map, it is very easy to mark countries as you visit them. You just need to erase the scratch layer, like on lottery tickets, from the territory of those countries where you have already visited, and your personal travel history will remain on the map forever.

What Purposes Has the Scratch Map Been Designed for?

The scratch map has been designed for people who are fond of traveling and like sharing their traveling experience with others. However, not only travelers can use the map. Children can use the map on the lessons of Geography. It is easy to learn the subject if you are using such a thing because you can brainstorm ideas on how to get from one place to another one drawing the route and then removing the line. It is very convenient to write comments to each place you have either visited or would like to visit.

A scratch map is a great interactive tool to study Geography. Modern students can't learn hard using just textbooks because our high-tech world is developing fast and students prefer using smart technologies. A scratch map will be interesting even to those who don't consider Geography their favorite subject. It is not surprising because it is easy to turn the process of learning different countries into the entertaining game using the scratch off map.

Is a Scratch Map Exactly What You Need?

A scratch map has been designed with the main aim to make your trips more enjoyable and help to find the places you plan to visit. However, it is up to you to use it the way you like. The presence of such a map at home or office will definitely encourage you to travel more because looking at it, you will always have a wish to erase more places to boast where you have been. If you don't have a possibility to travel often, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't use the map for planning your future trips as this also can be very enjoyable and useful for developing your analytical mind. You will think over the routes and brainstorm ideas on where to go to see more great places.