Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dry Weather Concerns Craven County

Craven County implemented Stage 1 of its Water Shortage Response Plan Friday.
County management, including County Manager Harold Blizzard and Water Supervisor Rusty Hayes, met Thursday after observing several days of use by customers that exceeded the county system’s ability to pump fast enough to refill its water towers.
In an effort to curb the recent heavy demand for water, the Craven County Water Department announced today implementation of Stage 1 of its Water Shortage Response Plan.
Hayes said “The County’s water supply is adequate, but the unusually large water usage in recent weeks has placed a big strain on the water system’s ability to maintain normal tank levels.  Customers may notice slightly lower than normal water pressures at their residences during this extended period of dry conditions.” For the rest of the story...

Reprinted from the New Bern Sun Journal: 6-11-11

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