Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Craven County officials urge water conservation

Craven County officials are urging water conservation from county water system users.
While neither Craven County Water System nor any of the nine public water systems in the county are among those in N.C. that are drought-threatened, dry skies are prompting high usage.
“In the past several weeks we’ve been slammed with water customers irrigating lawns,” said Harold Blizzard, Craven County manager.
“Although our water supply remains unaffected,” he said. “It’s not a capacity issue. Our problem has been our ability to transmit the large amounts of water required to meet the demand.”
“We’re just not able to pump it fast enough,” said Blizzard. “The demand is so great our elevated water storage tanks are unable to fully recover overnight from the previous day's usage.”
“I don’t want anybody to think the sky is falling but we are concerned about the demand,” he said Blizzard. “We believe the problem really lies with people watering their lawns.”
Craven County has a Water Shortage Plan that contains five levels of response to “water shortage” and Blizzard will meet with Craven County Water System Supervisor Rusty Hayes Thursday to decide whether or not to implement Stage 1 Voluntary Reductions. For the Rest of the story...

Reprinted from New Bern Sun Journal: 6-8-11

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